Determining Resources Determining the sources to benefit from the reliable works of Ahl Sunnah scholars. Translation-Transcript Phase Translating from the original sources (Arabic, Persian, Ottoman...etc) paying attention to their terminology, and by referring to the lexicon, commentary and other sources in a meticulous manner. Content Preparation • Choosing the most useful parts of the prepared articles by shortening them according to the size of the calendar page.

• Placing the Ibādahs to be performed on holy days and nights, and prayers and Du‘ās on the appropriate days.
Historical and Chronological Preparation Preparing articles suitable for the dates taking into consideration the Hijri and Gregorian calendar. Revision of Knowledge Stage To have a delegation of qualified scholars control the content of the prepared manuscripts in order to avoid any element contrary to the sensitivity of the Ahl Sunnah. Final Reading Final reading to be carried out by another delegation who are specialists in their field of Tafsīr, Hadīth, Fiqh…etc. Türkçe Dil Bilgisi, İmla ve Tashih Safhası Lisanımızda nevzuhur (sonradan türemiş) kelimelerin yazılarda kullanılmamasına özen gösterilmesi Printing and Assembly Phase When the preparations in this phase is completed, printing commences. How is Fazilet Calendar Prepared?