A Muslims 365 Day Life Guide

Our aim is to ensure Muslims can perform their Ibādahs such as Salāh and fasting in the correct times, and to provide useful information to protect them from the dangers that will destroy their eternal lives.

By calculating Salāh times using the principles used by Islamic scholars and astronomers for centuries, with our portfolio that appeals across the world, we are in the effort to fulfil an important service. As of 2019, we calculate the Salāh times using today’s technological opportunities for 4050 cities in 205 countries with great precision.

For years, the walls of millions of homes have been adorned with our calendar, and for many more to benefit, we offer our services in different formats. The wall calendar is now in the form of a bounded book and more recently as a mobile App, adapting to today’s conditions.

The Fazilet Calendar, prepared by utilising the works of Ahl Sunnah scholars, continues to be life guide for millions of Muslims across the world.