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It is a card that provides its owner the use of the Fazilet Calendar Mobile App contents without the need to make any payment.

How to activate the Activation Card on Android.

How to activate the Activation Card on iOS.

For the in-app purchased subscriptions, an extra payment will not be requested when the app is uninstalled and reinstalled again. Like how you can use it by logging into your account, by selecting the reinstall the previous purchases option in the “Purchase” menu, you can continue to use without a membership.

One of the reasons for the delayed opening of the app is poor internet connection. The app updates the times before opening. You must check data updates for the app to open faster. Because the data is continuously updated when the internet is open, if you want to use the current times without detecting location with GPS, you can try to open the app after switching off your internet access.

This is a matter concerning the agreement between app stores (AppStore, Google Play Store…etc) with GSM operators (Vodafone…etc). If your GSM operator has not made a mobile payment agreement with the app stores, your operator will not accept when you want to make payment.

The app is always running in the background because it is automatically detecting the times of your location using GPS. This situation can affect battery consumption. To extend the battery life of your phone, you can turn the location data off from the notification bar and set the duration for location open from Settings. If you wish you can also use the Widget instead of the notification bar.

To solve this problem, you must click on the Widget, enter the App, and ensure that it is updated. The Widget will appear on the screen again after automatically receiving the times when the location is changed.

Before you open the App, please make sure your phones mobile data and location sharing (GPS) is active. If the same problem continues, you can uninstall and reinstall the App. An extra fee will not be requested.